Best CLA for Weight Loss 2022-Does CLA Really Work for Belly Fat?

Excess body fat has overtime become a great worry for people, men and women alike. In the bid to get rid of it successfully, a lot of products have been tried by some yet found unsuccessful. While a percentage of people with extra weight have given up hope of it going away, another percentage have never tried solving it while some have been exposed to harmful products in this process.

If you are reading this now it means you are probably in a category of the above listed or you know someone who is. Whichever reason it is you are reading this, you have come to the right place. In this article you will get CLA supplements for weight loss reviews.

CLA means Conjugated linoleic acid. It is a polyunsaturated fatty acid known to play a great role in body fat reduction. This, plus regular exercise and good diets, has been found to reduce body fats and enhance energy. It’s function does not stop there as it also increases lean muscle mass.

In this CLA supplements for weight loss reviews, 9 products is presented to you where you can find supplements and best CLA powder for your weight loss struggles. They are highly recommended and might be good for you. Check these out.

Best CLA For Weight Loss Supplements List

We’ve done this research for you and have narrowed our list down to what we consider to be 9 of the very best safe and effective alternatives to prescription pharmaceutical CLA weight loss pills. All of the supplements that we feature on this page can be legally purchase over the counter without a prescription.

Supplements Name
1NatureWise CLA 1250, High Potency
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2BulkSupplements CLA Softgels (1000mg)
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3NatureWise Elite 95% CLA 1300mg Maximum Potency
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4Maximum Potency CLA Supplement with 3000mg
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5CLA 1000 Conjugated linoleic acid, 180 Serving Soft Gel
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6Max Potency CLA 1250 with 95% active
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7Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula, 120 Softgels
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8GNC Total Lean CLA Soft Gels, 180 Count
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9CLA 1250mg (180 Veggie-Softgels)
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Best CLA Supplements For Weight Loss Reviews

1. Naturewise CLA 1250 Review

What Is CLA 1250?

CLA 1250 Review

Since the NatureWise CLA 1250 Natural Weight Loss Exercise Enhancement pills contain Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), then burning off those fats in your body is very possible.

This component serves the function of removing excess bodily fats in users. Using these weight loss pills will help increase your lean muscle mass.

This supplement is made to help improve your exercise performance. It is made from safflower oil, making it a safer alternative to diet pills. Sometimes, diet pills carry undesired side effects which you don’t want happening.

Hence, products like this one are good alternatives for fat burning. The supplement is suitable for both men and women.

For body fats, belly fats inclusive, you might really want to check this out. It provides results within a short period of usage leaving you with no regrets.

Pros Of Naturewise CLA 1250

  • It is a non GMO and gluten free supplement.
  • Made of 100 percent safflower oil.
  • Leaves no aftertaste when used.
  • Results are seen within first weeks of use.
  • Good alternative to diet pills.
  • It helps you to build lean muscle mass.
  • It is made in the USA.


  • The pills may bring about reactions like diarrhea, stomach upset, nausea, or fatigue for some.
  • May cause stinky farts and regular restroom use.

2. Bulk Supplements CLA (1000mg) review


Not only do these CLA Softgels burn fats, they increase muscle strength and Increase Lean Muscle Mass. This supplement has fat burning antioxidants that will give you a good fat clean.

Despite all it offers, the BulkSupplements CLA Softgels were produced purely without the use of fillers or additives. It also contains omega-6 fatty acid which supports your overall health.

Apart from burning fats, it is a supplement that also reduces inflammation, limits free radical damage that often results to aging symptoms and diseases related to aging. It also helps with immune system support.

This fat burning supplement is lab tested to ensure quality and purity and these are what it offers. The pills can help you curb appetite hence you find yourself eating less.

The main source of this supplement is safflower oil which means this is safe for you. Highly recommended product for those who want to shed some weight and want to see the result quick.


  • Boosts metabolism and burns fat.
  • Increase muscle strength/Increase Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Lab tested and verified to be pure and high quality.
  • The softgels have no fillers or additives.
  • This supplement is obtained from safflower oil.


  • May bring different reactions as side effects.

The Best Ways To Take Bulk Supplements CLA

Users are encouraged to take 1 or 2 soft gel pills 2 or three times daily. They could be taken with dishes quickly.
It is recommended to consult a medical professional prior to taking this and also follow his/her recommendations on dose.
One should take care not to exceed the maximum day-to-day dose.

3. NatureWise CLA 1300 for Weight Loss [Elite 95%, 1300mg] Review

cla 1300mg-min

For men and women alike, this is another good weight loss supplement from NatureWise. This supplement features 1300 mg of conjugated linoleic acid.

It plays vital roles in your body especially in your quest for weight loss. The NatureWise Elite 95% CLA 1300 mg Maximum Potency, Non-Stimulating Natural Weight Loss Exercise Supplement will work well with the right diet and exercise plan.

This fat burner does not only stop there, it increases lean muscle mass with the aid of exercises. safflower oil are what these capsules are made from.

Having the highest potency amongst other available products in the market, it features a least of 95 percent standardized potency.

Works well by reducing the existing number of fat cells in your body and also blocks these kind of cells from growing. Also, it enhances energy production in the body.


  • Has the highest concentration of CLA available in the market.
  • Purity and quality tested by third party.
  • Non GMO and gluten free supplement.
  • Made from 100 percent safflower oil.
  • Boosts the immune system.


  • They are large pills
  • May bring reactions as side effects to users.

4. CLA 3000 Conjugated Linoleic Acid [Maximum potency] Review

CLA 3000

Featuring 180 Softgels that are made of 80 percent CLA. This product is made as a top quality one. It is a US manufactured supplement under a facility registered by the FDA cGMP.

The CLA Safflower Oil CLA 3000 Maximum Potency Conjugated Linoleic Acid for Enhanced Metabolism & Weight Loss naturally boosts metabolism since it was sourced from safflower seed oil.

To ensure you of its high quality, this product offers a 100 percent money back guarantee upon dissatisfaction with product. The pills are great for great weight management.

To get the best results, it should be used side by side low carb foods (good diets) plus a good exercise regime. A non GMO, heart friendly supplement is what we have here.

This supplement promotes reduction of body fats, encourages lean muscle mass and helps with energy production in the body.

Get 3000 maximum potency from this CLA Softgels and burn those fats within a short while.


  • Offers a 45 day supply with its 180 softgels.
  • It is stimulant free supplement.
  • Boosts metabolism naturally
  • Elevates lean body fat reduction in your body.
  • 100 percent money back guarantee.


  • Side effects such as nausea or fatigue, etc.

5. CLA 1000 Weight Loss Supplement Review

cla 1000 weight loss

Here is another weight loss supplement that plays a great role in reducing body fats. It features Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that reduces body fats and improves lean muscle mass.

When combined with a good diet and exercise plan, this product works well. It improves exercise performance.

Since CLA supplementation is growing and being popular with fitness experts and nutritionists. This is so because it is known for its  weight loss potential as well as energy Enhancement.

These are what the Evlution Nutrition – CLA 1000 Conjugated linoleic acid, 180 Serving Soft Gel, Weight Loss Supplement offer.

While it breaks down existing body fat, it does well to block the growth of new fat cells.

With this high quality supplement, your weight loss struggles might come to a halt. For all it offers, you might want to try this out.


  • The gels are soft and easy to swallow.
  • Turns stored body fats to fuel for energy.
  • Encourages lean muscle development.
  • Swift effectiveness of supplement.
  • High quality supplement.
  • Curbs appetite.


  • May cause fatigue, nausea and other reactions due to side effects.

6. Optimum Nutrition CLA 750mg, Natural Weight Loss Fat Burner Supplement

For men and women who are looking for a way to burn their body fats and gain muscle, there is something for you. Here is another good weight loss supplement that uses fat to fight fat.

It contains unique fatty acids that are majorly found in food. These fats are purely sourced and safe for you. When this fat burner is used with good diets plus a good exercise regime, it works well for you.

As it burns your excess body fats, it serves other good functions such as skin improvement e.g it treats acne. It also helps with giving stronger and good nails plus healthy hair.

The Optimum Nutrition CLA 750mg, Natural Weight Loss Fat Burner Supplement enhances metabolism and helps the immune system. Boosts energy levels and checks the overall health.


  • Fights body fats.
  • Encourages lean muscle development.
  • Effects start within short period of usage.
  • Also gives stronger nails and healthy hair.


  • Side effects such as stomach ache, nausea or fatigue..

7. Bronson CLA 3000 Extra High Potency Weight Loss Exercise Enhancement

If you are looking for a high potency weight loss supplement, then you should read this. Here, you have a Non-GMO supplement that helps with burning fats.

The Bronson CLA 3000 Extra High Potency Weight Loss Exercise Enhancement is sourced from safflower oil hence you have for yourself a safe supplement.

This is a stimulant free and Gluten Free weight loss supplement. In this you will find 300 Softgels for easy swallow.

To be sure it’s of great quality, you have a 100 percent money back guarantee upon dissatisfaction. When you purchase this you have nothing to lose.

It helps to maintain lean body mass. When this fat burner is used with a good diet and exercise plan, you tend to get the best out of it.

This US manufactured supplement was made under a facility registered by the FDA cGMP. Also, this Bronson supplement is clinically proven for its effectiveness with weight loss.


  • Its healthy weight management support is clinically proven.
  • Maintains lean body mass.
  • Quality US made supplement.
  • Offers 100 percent money back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • Non GMO supplement.


  • Pills are on a large side.
  • Side effects might occur.

8. GNC Total Lean CLA Softgels Review

gnc total lean cla softgels

Here’s another one for weight watchers. Ideal for men and women alike. The GNC Total Lean CLA Soft Gels helps to maintain lean muscle mass.

They are made with no artificial flavors and preservatives. This is a dietary supplement that only requires use of 2 pills once a twice a day.

With just this, you will begin to notice obvious changes. However, this has to be used side by side good diets and good exercise regime.

The pills help with healthy body composition. It increases body energy levels for high effectiveness and agility. To enhance your weight loss efforts, it also helps reduce your appetite.

As a result, you tend to eat less and crave less as well. Also it helps make you feel lighter all day. You bowel movement improves making you feel light.


  • The pills are made of soft gels for easy use.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Good for maintenance of lean muscle mass.
  • Features no artificial flavours and no artificial preservatives.
  • Changes occur within a short while after product commencement.


  • Might not work for all users.

9. CLA 1250 High Potency (180 Veggie-Softgels) Review

cla 1250 high potency

Get 80 percent active Conjugated Linoleic Acid in this weight loss supplement. It is a naturally formulated weight loss supplement made to serve both Men and Women.

It is a high quality product made in the US. Features omega-6 fatty acid that are mostly derived from dairy or beef products.

The Sports research high Potency CLA 1250 180 Veggie-Softgels is Vegetarian diet approved. It is the first CLA vegetarian liquid softgel made available in the market.

It has no animal ingredients in it. For lean body mass increment, these pills are up to task. The pills also reduce the level of fats your body stores after eating.

It is made for superior adsorption. When you use this product your metabolic rates stand to increase while it also boosts your Immune System.


  • 100 percent vegetarian softgels.
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Checks your cholesterol levels.
  • Brand is trusted for over 30 years good service.
  • Gives 100 percent money back guarantee.
  • GMO Free supplement.


  • May cause reactions due to side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions about CLA Supplement for Weight Loss

Most users have a number of questions about the product. Here is a look at a few of them.

How Much CLA Should I Take Per Day?

Although a CLA supplement is a strategic method of achieving your weight loss and bodybuilding goals, it is however advised to take the recommended dosage as the intake of excess could leave you with side effects.

After all the research studies carried out by health and diet experts, they have advised that the recommended intake of CLA per day should be between 1 to 3 g per day.

Also, it has been recommended that people who weigh a hundred and fifty-five pounds or more should take about 3.5 g in order to receive the total health benefits of the CLA supplements.

The dosage also varies based on weight and other factors, with this, it is important to see a health expert before consumption.

How Can I Lose Belly Fat In One Week?

Losing belly fat with just  CLA depends on the amount of belly fat, one has. In the meta-research and analysis carried out a group of scientists in May 2007, it was discovered that when taking 3.5g of CLA daily, only 0.1 pound of fat is being lost.

Therefore if you are totally dependent on losing belly fat with CLA,  it would take you about  ten weeks to lose about 1 pound of belly fat. So if you’re looking forward to losing belly fat in one week, it can only be possible with the combination of intense exercise.

Are CLA Supplements Safe?

They have been bad reviews and complains about the effects of CLA’s on liver and kidney function. Scientists have researched and found that people who on a daily basis,  consumed 19.3 grams of CLA for three weeks did not experience side effects on liver and kidney function.

However, on some people, it has been discovered that such high daily dosage of CLA lead to allergy reactions, a rise in blood sugar level, even malfunction of the kidney and liver. However, it varies based on the human body type. To know your dosage limits, visit a  health/diet experts and get tested.

What Does CLA Do For Weight Loss?

CLA helps speed up the weight loss process through metabolic processes and reactions. How it works is that it reduces body fat through a series of reactions that increase the basal metabolic rate.

CLA basically regulates the fat tissues found in the human body by speeding the increase of the metabolic rate and it creates a balance in terms of body fat to muscle ratio and furthers the increase of energy expenditure in the body.

What Does CLA Do For Bodybuilding?

By increasing the basal metabolic rate of the body,  CLA decreases the body fat percentage of the human body. When  CLA is consumed consistently and efficiently, it can increase the muscle to fat ratio and enhance the total growth lean body muscle mass. This would further help you lose a lot of calories and have an amazing physique.

How To Lose Weight With CLA?

To lose weight with CLA supplements, take at least between 3.5-3.6g of at least 76% of CLA daily. This would decrease the fat in your body but increase the muscle ratio growth while increasing the basal metabolic rate.

What Are The Side Effects Of CLA

Although CLA  supplements have been proven to be safe. Excess and inappropriate consumption of CLA  increases the chances of diabetes in obese persons,  nausea, and diarrhea, stomach/ intestinal problems, liver, and kidney malfunction. Also,  CLA is harmful to infants, pregnant women, and nursing mothers, so CLA should not be used by them.

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