Best Folding Exercise Bike 2020 Reviews

Not everyone has the time to go out, hop on a bicycle to take the road for some morning trips. It might be a bad feeling for fitness enthusiasts. However, it might not be that bad if you can take a look at some of the best foldable exercise bikes and invest in one of them.

Best Folding Exercise Bike 2020

Model Name
Weight Capacity
1.Exerpeutic 1000 Folding Exercise Bike300 pounds
2.Marcy Foldable Upright250 pounds
3.Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR400 pounds
4.Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty400 pounds
5.Xspec Indoor Foldable220 pounds
6.Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic300 pounds
7.Marcy Recumbent Exercise300 pounds
8.EXERPEUTIC 1110 300SR300 pounds

Best Folding Exercise Bikes Reviews

1. Exerpeutic ExerWorK Folding Exercise Bike 1000

Exerpeutic ExerWorK Exercise Bike 1000

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommended user height: 5’2 inch to 6’3 inches

Exrpeutic designs the ExerWork for professionals who frequently work from home. Don’t be confused because the fold up exercise bicycle has an adjustable table that allows you to work as well as lose some calories at the same time.

A 2.5-inch full AirSoft seat, 1.3-inch thick backrest and front desk wide enough for a notebook make the fitness equipment perfect to be your temporary office. Now, you don’t have to skip your running session just to be complete a project or attend an urgent Skype meeting.

The AirSoft seat uses aerodynamic healthcare technology to maintain optimum airflow. So, it remains cool and keeps you fresh even after long hours of sitting. You can adjust the seat to accommodate any user between 5’2 inches to 6’3 inches.

Its backrest is also foam cushioned and keeps your upper body relaxed. The attached front desk can withstand up to 44 pounds, which is sufficient to hold a notebook or any tablet. It also has a couple of cup holders and a durable armrest.

ExerWork boasts eight-level magnetic resistance for an intense or easy workout. It has a pulse monitoring system that displays related numbers on an LCD. Keep in mind that you have to keep up the pulse rate.

Apart from the heart rate, the LCD has an odometer, and it also shows the speed, distance covered, as well as calories burned. Once you complete the meeting and warm-up walking, fold the bike, go to your gym, and complete leftover workout. Or you can simply enjoy your post-workout shake or snacks. Apart from the folding ability, it also has transportation wheels for a smooth relocation.

The work out machine works on a 3 Piece Crank System that provides smooth and consistent pedalling motion. Its V- belt drive and precision balanced flywheel keep the operation quite so that you can work, watch movies or listen to the music without any disturbance.


2. Marcy Upright Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommended user height: 5’1 inch to 6’3 inches

The Marcy Foldable exercise bike is suitable for users who don’t want any bell and whistles in fitness equipment. It has a simple design with a screen that displays a lot of useful information, including calories burned, speed, time and distance covered. Due to its compact footprint, you can use the bike in small living areas as well.

Mercy upright bike has a foldable design. Once in the compact mode, you can adjust it in the most space-restricted area. Its feet are covered with rubber to prevent any scratches on your house floor. Made of 14-gauge steel, the bike is robust enough to maintain your work out schedules for a long time.

This portable exercise bike is suitable for any of the users between 5’1 inch and 6’3 inches. So, you can adjust its seat according to your height. You can manually adjust the resistance levels within eight levels.

No matter what is your speed or the resistance, the gripped pedals and their basket cage prevents slipping. The maximum weight capacity of the bike is decent at 250 pounds. Due to its simple and functional design, the Marcy bike gives you an efficient fat crushing workout session.

It targets all the leg muscles and strengthens them for a great lower body. Overall, it’s the best exercise bike for small spaces that’s is easy to use, read, and gives you desired results over time if used regularly.

The compact stationary bike is comparatively cost-effective because of its straightforward design. Moreover, it is available in different colours to suit both men and women fitness experts alike. This unit is available with expert assembly. If you are a beginner or elderly, you can purchase the same.


3. Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommended user height: 5’2 inches to 6’5 inches

Maintaining the workout schedule to gain or lose weight is tough. It becomes a significant challenge if your body has stored excessive fat or you are recovering from an injury. However, you can change things with a recumbent bike.

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR is one of the best folding recumbent exercise bikes when we talk about such machines because it provides maximum back support. Thanks to its design, the weight loss process becomes easy and comfortable.

Due to the large seat and back cushion, Gold 525XLR can accommodate users with all body types. Its best suited for users between 5’2 inches to 6’5 inches, so the bike is excellent for both short and tall individuals.

The equipment has a high quality built and hence it can handle a weight of up to 400 pounds. Other machines cannot even come close to it. The Gold bike has a 3 Piece Cranking System that provides smooth pedalling.

Moreover, this bike has 27 percent more steel in its structure and its balanced, durable, and offers consistent performance without any failure.

This portable stationary bike has eight magnetic resistance levels that allow you to start slow and gain the speed once your body is warmed up. Its LCD screen gives you easy to read information about speed, distance covered, workout time, calories burned, and pulse.

This screen required two AA batteries to work. Using these numbers, you can track your daily and weekly progress to achieve better results. Once you complete the workout session, fold the tool and store it wherever you want.


4. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

 Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommended user height: 5’1 inch to 6’5 inch

Whether you need an easy to use the machine for your morning workout or you want to push some pedals in the evening, there is nothing like Exerpeutic 500 XLS. It’s one of the rare models in the fitness industry that can take on a weight of up to 400 pounds. 500 XLS is well suited for individuals up to 6′ 5 inches, which is also comparatively higher than other foldable portable stationary bikes.

High-quality steel, wherein 20 percent extra metal, is utilized for an extra balanced and stable frame. It comes with a large and comfortable back cushion that’s suitable for all the members of your family.

The bike has an eight-level magnetic tension control that allows you to choose between light or burdensome pedalling. In between the front handles, there is an easy to read LCD that shows you the numbers for speed, distance, time, and current pulse.

There are heart pulse sensors on both of its handles for accurate measurement. After the usage, you can simply fold the machine and use its wheels for smooth movement.

Like other Exerpuetic fitness bikes, 500 XLS also has a 3 Piece Cranking System, which provides smooth pedalling without any errors. It has large is pedals, and both of them has safety straps to avoid any slipping.

Overall, 500 XLS is a heavy-duty and durable fitness bike that provides you with one of the most comfortable ways to keep yourself fit without leaving your house. If you are beginner, purchase it with Expert Assembly.


5. Xspec Indoor Foldable Stationary Bike

Xspec Indoor Foldable Stationary

  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommended user height: 4’10 inches to 5’9 inches

Xspec gives you the facility to lose some weight anywhere in the house. Whether you want some light footwork in the evening or refreshing cycling in the morning, you have a convenient option in the face of this upright exercise bike.

It is a reliable piece of equipment built on a sturdy 14-gauge stainless steel frame. Apart from the strength, it has several useful features, including large pedals secured with straps to prevent slipping.

Due to the excellent cranking system, the workout cycle provides smooth pedalling. Then, it has an eight-level Magnetic tension control that gives you the flexibility to choose natural and then hard-driving motion. The versatile seat also adjusts to accommodate a variety of users.

To read and track your speed, distance, calories burned, and time, the bike has a clear to read LCD. Using these numbers, you can train yourself in a better way. You can also efficiently follow calorie loss programs, for example.

There are pulse monitors on both of its handles to measure your heart rate. Just beneath the screen, you will find a tablet holder that can be very useful if you wish you watch videos while sweating. Else, you can also read a book.

Due to a helpful folding nature and a safety clip, you can store the bike anywhere in your house. Movement is effortless because it has inbuilt wheels. As it’s a compact exercise bike that occupies minimal space while standing or storage, it is perfect for small flats. Moreover, it the best folding exercise bike for short persons because of a comparatively low height seat.

Looking at its features, stability, and price, there are fewer foldable exercise bikes comparable to the space saver exercise bike here. So, it’s time to leave the laziness and get on this sold steel frame to lose some weight.


6. Exerpeutic Folding Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommended user height: 5’3 inches to 6’1 inch

Once again, its Exerpeutic that makes a mark at number six with its Upright exercise bike. It’s a feature-packed yet affordable fitness equipment that takes minimal storage space. The machine features a three-piece crank system that works at high torque and double-drive transmission system to offer a smooth flow of pedals.

An eight-level magnetic tension of the Upright bike allows you to choose the level of difficulty depending upon your fitness level. It has a padded seat cushion that keeps you comfortable regardless of your body size.

You can adjust the seat to accommodate any of the users between a height of 5’3 inches and 6’1 inch. To read your performance, you can take the help of its inbuilt LCD screen that shows the distance, speed, time, calories burned, and heart rate. To measure the heart rate, it has hand pulse sensors.

The portable stationary bicycle from Exerpeutic gives you quiet and smooth workout experience. Due to its wide legs, the fitness bike will never trip. Overall, the bike is giving you all the reasons to upgrade your fitness standards in 2020.

The maximum weight limit of the machine is 300 pounds. So, if you invest in the bike, you will be at peace of mind. Assembling without any help might take up to hours. However, it has the option to choose an expert assembly. It’s a better option if you are a beginner.

Once you fully assemble the machine, you will notice that it does not take much space. The bike folds to one half of its original size, and you can quickly relocate it due to the transportation wheels. If you are running short of open space in your house, then this fitness equipment could prove to be a blockbuster purchase.


7. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommended user height: Up to 6 feet

Marcy ME-709 stands at the seventh position because of its sturdy frame, affordable price tag, and useful features. Due to its ease of use and versatility, you can use the Marcy bike in multiple ways to improve your personality.

The Marcy bike uses 14-gauge steel for the construction. Its powder-coated durable finish is scratch resistant. As its sturdy, balanced, and long-lasting, you will not have to think about the repairs or replacement. With all its mettle, the bike can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight.

ME-709 has a low to the ground design, which makes getting in and out easy for all the users. At the same time, it a suitable purchase for individuals with mobility troubles. It also features a couple of hand bars on each side of the seat that provides stability. Both the bars have foam covering that adds to the comfort.

The exercise bike features eight-level magnetic resistance and heavy-duty counterbalanced weighted pedals with straps that keep your feet in position without any slips. Apart from keeping your feet slip-free, the pedals are a built-in way that they provide you complete support while movement.

It has a comfortable padded seat that offers optimum comfort while you lose those extra calories. And whatever you lose, how much time you spent on the bike, how much distance you covered; all this information is available on its inbuilt LCD screen. The screen has large fonts, so any of your family members can read progress.


8. EXERPEUTIC 1110 300SR Foldable Recumbent Bike

EXERPEUTIC 1110 300SR Foldable Recumbent Bike

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic
  • Recommend user height: 5′ 2 inches to 6’2 inches

Recumbent bikes are often large, and hence most of the fitness enthusiasts complain that they cannot take any benefits at home. However, a foldable bike with a small form factor can provide you similar work out environment.

Its where Exerpeutic 400XL makes its mark by giving you a compact machine that has a small footprint. It’s the reason why you can easily use and store the bike.

Exerpeutic 400 XL works at low sound levels that never disturb you even if you are listening to some music. Any chances of disturbing the neighbours? No, forget that. Moreover, it’s foldable and does not take much space during storage.

To be more helpful, it becomes half of its standing size once you fold the bike. Not only compact, but the exercise machine also avails easy transportation due to its inbuilt wheels.

The small stationary bike keeps you comfortable due to its large seat and backrest that can accommodate any of the users. Once you have the position, you can control its eight-level magnetic tension system to adjust between a smooth or tough workout.

You can also change the sitting height for the users between 5′ 2 inches to 6’2 inches. The user’s weight should not be more than 300 pounds. Moreover, you can easily get on and off the bike due to its recumbent design.

During the work out sessions, you need to know the speed, calories, and other vital data. You can read all this information on a large LCD screen present on the 400XL. The LCD might seem generic in this list, but it is not.

We have chosen some of the best folding exercise bikes here. Otherwise, the LCD screen is not available on all the options.

Best Folding Exercise Bike Buying Guide

All of us need functional fitness equipment that should be useful, enjoyable, and helpful in keeping the body in shape. However, most of the buyers don’t know where to begin and what to look for, especially beginners. There are many folds up exercise bikes available to purchase, which is another the reason the selection becomes difficult. We have collected some points to make your search easy and effective.

1. Choose the type

Three types of folding exercise bikes are available in the market. Choosing the type will decide how good your workout experience will be afterwards.

Upright bike: An upright exercising machine works on the entire body. It looks like a regular bike without wheels. Such a bike will remain stable and balanced no matter how fast you paddle. When compared to other categories, upright folding bikes puts more pressure on your feet, knees, and other parts of the legs. One of the best examples of such fitness equipment is Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike.

Recumbent Bike: Became famous in the last ten years, recumbent bikes offer a different workout experience because of their design. Such machines never put much pressure on the ankles and knees. Due to significant and comfortable seats, a recumbent bike like Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR keeps the user warm. Hence, such bikes are suitable for senior citizens and elderlies.

Some of the semi-recumbent bikes are also available that make sure that you complete the workout without any extra pressure on the knees and ankles. Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 is the best example of such a machine.

As you can see, these two types of folding bikes provide different levels of comfort. Hence, you should choose one of these depending upon your exercising habits and fitness. Old uses, especially with mobility troubles, should choose a recumbent bike because it’s easy to get on and off on one of these machines. Padded seat and backrest keep them comfortable while they lose some fat.

On the other hand, if you are young and want to enhance your appearance, choose an upright bike. It will give you challenging workouts, which will help you build great legs. Mix it with some squats every day, and you will see vast differences within 45 days.

2. Select the resistance type

All the folding exercise bikes come with some levels of resistance. Resistance levels allow you to increase the tension when you want to train your muscles harder.

Friction resistance: Exercise bikes that use friction resistance are popular among gym lovers, professionals, and health experts. Such bikes use brakes to slow down the pedalling movement and hence creates a lot of noise.

It’s the reason why friction resistance bikes are not suitable for home use. Brakes need maintenance and replacement once they are exhausted, which adds to the cost. However, such machines are reliable and give you high levels of resistance for improved development of the lower body.

Magnetic Resistance: Work out bikes with such resistance uses magnets to provide more tension to the pedals. Such machines are durable and offer high-quality performance. A bike with magnetic resistance seeks minimal or no maintenance and is reliable for long time usage.

As magnetic resistance is quiet, we recommend it for residential areas. If you like to work, listen to music or watch some videos while working out, this is the resistance type you should choose. It’s the reason why we have included all bikes with magnetic tension.

Fan-Based Resistance: A fan rotates inside the folding bike, instead of magnets or brakes. Pedal fast, and you will see the resistance is automatically increasing. Interesting, isn’t it? Folding bikes with fan-based resistance provide a high level of strength training, and hence they are trending among professional cyclists and bodybuilders. Such machines are also quiet, and therefore you can try one of them at your house. However, due to a massive fan, you will not find the folding mechanism in these fitness tools.

3. Comfort level

The comfort level of a folding exercising bike varies according to the type, make, and model. To get the most out of such a machine, there are a couple of things you need to check.

Height Adjustment: If you are shorter or taller than you need height adjustment of the seat. As you can read in the above-given reviews, most of the bikes adjust for individuals between 4’10” to 6’3″. This range is different depending upon the make and model. Choose according to your height.

Seat:  The next component you should look for is a comfortable seat. Most of the folding upright workout bikes have a sitting position that replicates a bicycle. On the other hand, recumbent bikes have a reclined chair that has padded backrest and seat. Some of the machines also give you a working position wherein you can relax, pedal, and work at the same time. Such devices are suitable for old users, individuals with mobility problems, or back pain. Keep in mind that thick padded or cushioned seats offer more comfort, and you can spend some extra minutes with them.

4. Ease of use

Ease of assembly: You cannot use a folding bike out of the box. It will require some assembly, which might take up to two hours and even more. So, choose a variant that’s comparatively easy to set up. There is another option wherein you can avail the Expert Assembly by the company at a reasonable amount. In this way, the company executives will contact you for the visit and machine assembly.

Ease of storage: As you are looking for a folding bike, you have to make sure about the space it will occupy during storage. Also, make sure that the machine has wheels for smooth movement.

LCD screen: All the machines that we discussed today come with a display that shows you the data about your pedaling speed, time, speed, and other useful information. There are bikes available without any LCD as well. However, it’s better to choose one of those that can share your stats for improved workout plans and execution.


Folding exercise bikes exist in this world for one purpose; to give you painless workout anytime and anywhere. It’s the reason why we presented you with the best folding exercise bike reviews today. Whether you want weight loss or a better physique, you can choose one of the given models by checking the buying guide. Stay fit, stay healthy.



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