Exercise Bike vs Rowing Machine

Exercise bikes are great to strengthen your lower body, but a rowing machine will tone your entire body. You will lose more calories riding an exercise bike, but working out with a rowing machine will help you to lose calories even after exercising.

It’s because the rowing machine gives you more resistance than a fitness bike. Overall, both the devices provide low impact workout, without any weight lifting. Hence, both tools are suitable for individuals with joint issues. These two are great for cardiovascular exercises and allows you to set your resistance level.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bike

# Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are available in three different categories: upright, recumbent, and semi-recumbent. Each of them has a separate set of benefits. You should choose one of these depending upon your fitness level, expertise, movement, and workout goals.

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary is one of the best exercise bikes.

  1. Upright bikes: Similar to a regular motorcycle, wherein the pedals are present along your body. It’s one of the most popular because an upright bike provides an immense cardio workout and also strengthens your legs. Example: Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike
  2. Recumbent bike: Another stationary bike that gives you a reclined position where you can sit comfortably and work out. A recumbent bike puts less stress on your body, back and joints. Due to full support to your body from padded backrest and seat, you get complete comfort, and the workout becomes less intense. Example: Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike.
  3. Semi-recumbent: Similar to a recumbent bike, such bikes give you comfort as well as the intensity of both the variants. Also, a semi-recumbent machine gives you a front desk/space to place a tablet, smartphone, and even notebook.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

  1. Improves cardio fitness: Exercise bikes give you a great way of stationary cycling, which is excellent for your heart. It also improves the lungs, oxygen and blood flow in your body. So, an exercise bike will benefit you in several ways, including improved memory, maintaining blood pressure, better sleep, and a healthy immune system.
  2. Manages your body weight: You can burn up to 800 calories every day using an exercise bike. So, if you want quick results on weight reduction, it’s the right equipment you should try.
  3. Strengthens your lower body: An exercise bike builds high resistance in your legs, mainly if you use it at high friction. Its pedaling action tones your hamstring, calves, and quadriceps. Also, it makes positive tones your back and glutes.

# Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is another excellent piece of equipment that you can use in the daily workout schedule. If you want to lose weight, need some cross-training, or you are recovering from a surgery or injury, rowing is an excellent exercise for your body. A rowing machine empowers various muscles in your upper and lower physique, that also without any weight lifting.

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is one of the best Rowing Machines.

Benefits of Rowing Machines

  1. Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning: Working out on a rowing machine effectively increases your heart rate and hence offers a great aerobic rewind. There are many models available that can tell you the heart rate so that you can reach the pre-decided goal.
  2. Improvement for your entire body: Rowing conditions both upper and lower body of an individual. Every time you complete a rep in this machine, it targets multiple muscles from your lower, middle, and upper body for an overall improved personality. Moreover, it makes your wrists firm. It’s what most of the gym-goers needs to achieve.
  3. Low impact workout: The motion on a rowing machine is natural for your body, which tends to make little impact on your joints. You can sit comfortably close to the ground, and hence you don’t feel much stress in any of the body parts. Compare it with running, and you will know why rowing is easy for individuals with mobility disorders.

Final Talk

If you are an office goer or a business person, then your body is not getting the physical activities you need. So, you can choose an exercise bike for cardiovascular training. When it comes to overall body workout wherein you can develop that back muscles, none of the fitness equipment can match a rowing machine. Need cross-training that can be helpful in all the other exercises? Then start spending time on a rower.


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