Proform vs Nordictrack Treadmill- Which Is The Better Brand?

If you’ve been shopping for a treadmill, you must have come across the ProForm and NordicTrack brands. Due to their popularity, it is only natural to wonder which is better. That’s why we put the ProForm vs. NordicTrack treadmills to find out.

Granted, they are all treadmills and will have a few features in common. However, they belong to different brands and should have a few notable differences in either design or price.

Do the differences mean that one is more efficient than the other one? Does it mean you will be better off picking one over the other?

Let’s find out.

What Are Treadmills and What Do They Do?

Treadmills are motorized or non motorized home training equipment that enables one to exercise from their house’s comfort. They are mostly used to making runs, walks, or even jog without leaving the house.

The word treadmill originally comes from a torture device used to grind maize and millet in the olden days. Inmates and society ingrates were made to walk on the treadmill to mill flour.

Treadmills today, however, no longer act as torture devices as they can help you keep in shape without having to endure the outside cold.  Most of them have screens that display your running stats, the calories you are burning, the speed, and even your heart rate.

Depending on the brand or model, some grant you membership to fitness apps or memberships like IFit. You can connect with many other trainers on the web and access training guidance from global professional trainers.

The Two treadmills in question here are all from the same manufacturer. They will therefore have several features in common and have a few differences.

We are purely basing this on the features of the two brands of treadmills. However, if you want to hazard a guess on which one is the better of the two, be our guest.

ProForm Treadmill Review: Is ProForm a Good Treadmill?

The fitness equipment company known as Icon Health and Fitness is responsible for ProForm and NordicTrack. Is ProForm a good brand? It has several treadmills ideal for professional athletes and any other regular person.

Most of them come with a cushioned treadmill that will protect the runner from injuries, especially knee injuries, as they run. The basic incline level ranges from 0% to 10 %. However, the pricier models can attain a maximum incline of 12%.


Star Rating: 4.8-stars
Motor: 3.5 HP
Incline: -3-15%
Running Area: 22″ x 60″
Folding: Yes
Top Speed: 0-12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 79″ L x 39.15″ W x 71.4″ H
Built-In Programs: 50

The incline is instrumental in the runner adjusting the treadmill to get more from their training session. It helps in muscle toning and building endurance for the runner.

To monitor a runner’s heart rate, ProForm treadmills come with a heart rate monitor on display. They also record the distance you have run or walked, the time used, and the calories you have burned so far.

If you’re working out, you will want to challenge yourself from time to time and see your speed limits. The ProForm treadmills can reach a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. If you purchase the newer models, you will hit top speeds of 12 miles per hour.

Their average maximum user weight ranges between 300 lbs. to 325lbs. Some can, however, support a maximum user weight of 350lbs. That means anyone within the specific weight ranges can use them.

The ProForm treadmills are also foldable, making them easier to store and transport. They also include workouts ranging from 18 to 32 to enable you to try out different workout routines.

For better protection from unforeseen problems with the machines, ProForm treadmills come with warranties. You can thus get free repair services or even a replacement if your machine develops issues.

The ProForm treadmills see decent treadmills and would be a good fit for most users. That is because they offer more value equivalent to the price.

Is ProForm a good treadmill? Why don’t you tell us that from the review below?

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

It comes with an IFit membership that will enable you to enjoy and discover trainer-led workouts. The membership will also give you access to on-demand workout studios and a way to track your fitness from your home.

The extra-large LCD enables you to track your heart rate, speed, distance, and time you’ve run.  You can even stream interactive IFit workout sessions straight to your tablet or phone.

You can incline it to 10% and have a workout that suits your body. The speed controls also enable you to ramp up the pace and challenge yourself to surpass previous targets.

The large 16 by 50 inches running belt will enable you to run comfortably and protect you from injuries thanks to the Pro-shox cushioning. The cushioning acts as a shock absorber as you run.

It has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, sufficient to cover most people.

NordicTrack Treadmill Review

The Nordic Track is a sister brand to the ProForm brand of treadmills. NordicTrack brand of treadmills contains an excellent combination of quality and affordable equipment.

They are available for use by athletes and amateurs seeking to keep in shape and any interested person. NordicTrack treadmills have restricted resistance to protect the user from any injuries.

They can support maximum user weights between 300lbs and 350 lbs. which tells you that an average person can use them. You can also easily fold them to accommodate them in limited spaces or for smooth transportation.

Most of them, including the ellipticals, have between 12 and 32 programs to help the user train and keep in shape. To protect you from any issues that might develop with the machines, they come with a warranty.

However, earlier versions of the treadmills tend to have more extended warranties because they have fewer innovations than their newer counterparts. While using them, the user can opt for a maximum incline of up to 40% or a minimum of 0%.

The incline will help you mold your training to fit you and build your endurance. You will also grow muscles and tone your body into the shape you crave. To aid you some more in that respect are the speeds that can reach a maximum of 12 miles an hour.

What is an example of a typical NordicTrack treadmill?

NordicTrack Commercial Series 10 Review

NordicTrack Commercial Series 10 Review


  • Maximum User weight- 350 pounds
  • Maximum speed- 12mph
  • Maximum Incline-12.


The NordicTrack Commercial Series 10 treadmill brings you interactive home training to help you keep in shape from the comfort of your house. You can build up a maximum of five individual workout profiles on IFit.

It comes with a ten-inch touchscreen that enables you to track your running progress. It also helps you see your running stats, monitor your heart rate, and the number of calories you have burnt.

You can incline it from 3% through 12% to achieve the right tone of workout for you and have better results. You can also control the speed, which goes to a maximum of 12 miles per hour.

The IFit trainer will guide you as you work out and set your treadmill to fit the best workout for you. That ensures you train on a treadmill that comes as close as possible to real-world conditions.

It has an innovative space-saving design that ensures it won’t be a nuisance to keep around the house. You can fold it up and store it somewhere else to reclaim your space.

The extra-large running belt gives sufficient enough space for your arms and elbows as well.

ProForm vs. NordicTrack treadmill Close Comparison

ProForm NordicTrack
It offers the user more flexibility It offers the user more sturdiness
They are often cheaper They are more expensive
300-325 lbs. of weight 300 to 350 lbs. weight limits
Max incline of 12 percent The maximum incline of 40 percent
Minimum of 18 fitness programs Minimum of 12 fitness programs


Which Is Better?

It is quite challenging to find much difference between the two brands. However, the NordicTrack tends to be more durable than the ProForm, mainly due to differences in their build.

The ProForm, on the other hand, gives the user more flexibility than the NordicTrack’s. Choosing the best is a tall order because different users have different needs, and everyone will have their tastes.

Which One Should You Choose?

Whether you choose ProForm or NordicTrack will depend on your needs and the money at your disposal. The NordicTrack will set you back a considerable sum than the ProForm. If you can afford the NordicTrack, get it since it will be well worth it.

No matter which one you choose, you will be assured of the best performance.

Final Thoughts

We hope our ProForm vs. NordicTrack review helps you decide which one to go for. Being of the same parent company, they share several features.

While the NordicTrack offers more stability and is more sturdiness, the ProForm enables the sure to enjoy more flexibility.

There is, however, pretty much less to separate them from each other, and as such, you wouldn’t put a foot wrong going for either of them.

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