Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Probiotics Review

The hyperbiotics Pro-15 is a very pure probiotic. It does not contain any of the most common allergy concerns  for instance, gluten, wheat, yeast, nuts and lactose. It also does not contain any sort of artificial preservatives, chemicals or colors.

This probiotic is very easy to take. it’s all-natural, highly effective micro-pearl tablets are very easy to ingest when compared to other larger supplements, and they do not need to be refrigerated, which is always a plus over many other variations and competitors.

You simply think your intestine’s microbiome could use an improvement, get the hyperbiotics Pro-15 in order to get noticeable improvements, and daily relief from bloating, gas and irregularity – making your life a lot easier.

Designed for children, adults, and even nursing mothers, the Hyperbiotic Probiotics are supplements which boost your digestive system’s healthy.

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is quickly becoming a popular probiotic supplement that is also a best seller on Amazon. The supplement has received a lot of praise from satisfied users. The following is an unbiased review of the product.

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Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Probiotics

This is the kind of supplements taken when one feels like the gut is not functioning well. The supplements are estimated to consist of about 5 billion colony forming units.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength.

This is the advanced supplements of Hyperbiotics Pro 15 and has a total of 10 billion colony forming units. Some of the ingredients incorporated in this supplement include the kiwi extract. The supplements are essential for those who need fast colon treatment especially if you are not able to work well. If you have digestive system issues, you can as well consume the supplements.

Hyperbiotics Probitotics Pro-Kids.

Kids can also consume hyperbiotics supplements. This particular supplement consists of 3 billion CFU and has three strains making it ideal for kids. Note that the supplement is recommended for kids who are above three years.

Hyperbiotic Probiotics Pro- Moms.

The probiotics are ideal for either breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women. The formula has eight strains and around 5 billion CFUs. The supplements work by reducing inflammation, mastitis and also gestational diabetes.

Hyperbiotic Probiotics Pro- Women

The supplements are essential for women who are suffering from vaginal infections such as yeast infection, urinary track infection and candida. The supplements consist of 5 billion CFU and also has a total of 6 strain.Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-Dental.

This supplement is ideal for oral area whereby it works to increase the bacteria responsible for breaking down the food into small particles before it reaches the stomach. The supplements have a total of 3 billion CFU and four different strains.

Overview of Hyperbiotics

Hyperbiotics are a form of probiotics supplements that are consumed by people for treating digestive problems. Note that the supplements are recommended as the best since they are more potent than any other probiotic supplements. Who can consume hyperbiotics? The supplements can be consumed by adults, children and the breastfeeding mothers.

What is Probiotic?

Probiotics are living bacteria that are found in the guts.The bacteria are essential for breaking down the food for easy digestion and extraction of the body nutrients. With a proper metabolism, one can absorb the right body nutrients from the food and excrete the waste from the body in return. Therefore probiotics play a significant role in the body. Signs of probiotics deficiency in the body.

Some of the signs that show you have probiotic deficiency include;

• The increase of gas in the stomach.

• Stomach bloating.

• Constipation.

• Low nutrient absorption in the body and

• weak immune system.

All the above problems are related to poor digestion as a result of a low concentration of probiotics on the digestive system and also the food consumed. Therefore apart from adopting a healthy eating habit, you can take hyperbiotics supplements to improve your digestive system.

How do hyperbiotics probiotics work?

hyperbiotics are made using powerful components which enables them to survive and be 15 times potent than other probiotics. For example, more than 50 percent of the supplements bacteria survive to reach the distinctive truck, unlike other probiotics which only less than 5 percent of their bacteria survive.

Therefore the bacteria in hyperbiotic supplements can withstand the acidity in the stomach as compared to other supplements.This is possible since the supplements are designed with two powerful mechanisms that enable them to withstand the high acidity of the stomach. The mechanisms include the BIO-Tract protection and Time-Release Technology.

The probiotics are made in a circular shape that protects them as they move through the stomach and the time release technology works at the intestinal truck whereby it helps in breaking down the probiotic into small molecules for smooth passage at the digestive system.

Research shows that 80 percent of the body's immune system is located in the gut and therefore if the body does not have enough probiotics, the immune system also significantly reduces. As we all know if the immune system is down then the body is prone to many diseases and other infections.

Therefore probiotics are essential for maintaining a healthy body by improving the immune system.Once the hyperbiotics are absorbed in the body, they form the colony forming units are referred to as CFUs.These CFUs are the ones that create the bacteria to be utilized in the digestive system.

Hperprobiotics consist of the least CFU which are estimated to be 5billion CFUs but yet the most potent supplement.What strengthens the supplements as compared to others is their ability to produce over ten probiotic strains.

Unlike other probiotics which you have to use with other supplements to get adequate bacteria, hyperbiotics works differently as you can consume them without any additional additives.

The best hyperbiotics strains in the market.

The strains in the hyper probiotics vary depending on the supplements you buy. They range from 3 to 15. These strains include;

• L. fermentum  • L. acidophilus. • L. casei. • B. longum. • B. Lactis. • L. rhmnosus. • L. plantarum.

• B. Infantas. • Lactobacillus. • Streptococcus.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics

The term “Probiotics” refers mostly to the bacteria which lives in your guts, and has a positive impact on your digestion and other bodily functions.Sometimes referred to as “good” bacteria, these organisms help breaking down food and extracting nutrients, thus making us feel healthy, energetic, and, ultimately, happy. Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Probiotic is the best choice to people who use it

An individual which does not have enough probiotic bacteria in their organisms faces a wide variety of problems, such as bloating, gas, poor nutrient absorption, constipation and other digestive problems.

They are likely to have a weakened immune system as well. When you take a probiotic supplement, you maintain a healthy amount of digestive bacteria in your organism, which in turn helps you live better. But is the Pro-15 really that much better than other probiotics?

Here preface this Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Review by saying that the Pro-15 is clearly an above average probiotic. Part of the hyperbiotics lineup, it is a probiotic supplement known to be fifteen times more effective than it’s competitors.

Many of us don’t have very healthy diets – which leads to poor digestive health. Most people do not have all the probiotics they need in order to break down food. For this reason people should know hyperbiotics pro-15 reviews and pro 15 probiotic where to buy online.


This probiotic is entirely vegetarian. The only thing that might be an issue for some is the fact it contain trace amounts of casein, the protein commonly found in milk. Small amounts of casein are used in the Pro-15’s fermentation process.

Other ingredients that can be found in the Pro-15 are Turmeric, Guar Gum, Sodium Carbonate, Stearic Acid, Pectin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, and Mycrocrystalline Celulose.


  • The pills are quite small thus making them easy to swallow
  • Hyperbiotics PRO-15 releases bacteria slowly, which is an advantage for those that suffer from Candida. Too much probiotics at once can cause gas, pain, bloating, and discomfort.
  • The product’s shelf life is 18 months in room temperature. However, to preserve potency it is a good idea to store the bottle in the fridge. It is good to consume probiotics when they are as fresh as possible.
  • The manufacturers have packed 15 strains of bacteria into a very small package.
  • ​Hyperbiotics PRO-15 does not contain soil-based organisms. Controversy still exists as to whether humans should consume them or not.

Hyperbiotics Pro 15 Value

  • The product is backed by sound research and is well composed.
  • The huge number of satisfied customers adds to the confidence in the brand.
  • The pills are natural and contain no chemicals or preservatives.
  • The product contains multiple strains of well-researched bacteria.


Hyperbiotics recommend that you contact them should you feel unhappy with your purchase for any reason. If it hasn’t been effective for you or caused unusual side effects, they’ll happily replace your product, suggest one that suits your needs better, or give you a refund.

best probiotic supplement

This is very reassuring – either you’ll get a product which provides exactly the benefits that they’ll claim to provide, or you’ll get another product, or even your money back. Another advantage of the product is the fact it has a shelf life of 18 months from the time of manufacture.

The Difference Between The Pro-15 And Other Probiotics

When you take a probiotic supplement, in most cases, a measly 4% of the probiotics manage to reach your intestinal tract. In order to help the bacteria avoid stomach acid, the Hyperbiotics Probiotics utilize the following methods: Time-Release Technology, and BIO-Tract Protection. 


To put it simply, their spherical shape protects probiotics during their trip through your stomach, and the molecules in the sphere only break down at exactly the right location in your intestinal tract.

This way, you’ll get the largest possible number of CFUs – colony forming units – inside your gastrointestinal tract. This does wonders for your organism, since 80% of your entire immune system is situated in your guts.

Whenever your body does not have a proper amount of probiotics, you’ll become much more likely to develop illnesses or catch diseases, since your immune system becomes heavily compromised.

Basically, probiotics are one the most essential factors for your overall health. When comparing the Pro-15 with other probiotic supplements, it’s important to notice the difference in CFUs.

Hyperbiotics Pro-15 reviews

While other probiotics can contain 10, 25, 50 and even 70 billion CFUs, while the Pro-15 offers only 5 billion. So, even considering that, in other probiotics, only 4% survive your stomach’s acids, other supplements may provide more CFUs.

An option for those who are looking for more colonies is the Advanced Strength formula, which is an enhanced version of Pro-15 that has a total of 15 billion CFUs – 10 million more. It contains a kiwi extract as well, making it an ideal option for those who need a more intense probiotic formula which will support your colon even further.

The Release Process

The process which makes the Pro-15 so effective is a complex, delicate one. When its pearl capsule gets moistened by your stomach’s fluids, the gel matrix releases a protective layer, which shields organisms from your stomach acids, so that they can be released later in the journey.

When they reach your gastrointestinal tract, the probiotics start being consistently released from the core – providing a considerable quantity of living organisms through the day. These organisms will travel deep into the tract, where they’ll be needed.

The Pro-15’s release method is BIO-tract delivery technology which is patented in 31 different countries. For this reason, it is the only probiotic on the market today which features controlled-release technology, and it is scientifically proven, through invitro lab testing, that they deliver at least 15 times more live and viable probiotics past the stomach acids.

What Sort Of People Is It Recommended For?

PRO-15 review

Mostly, the Pro-15 is recommended for individuals who are looking to repopulate your probiotic colonies. It is a standard Hyperbiotics which can be used by mostly anyone who feel their gut is compromised – although it may be used by those who haven’t noticed such symptoms as well.

Other variations of Pro-15 may be best for you depending on a wide variety of factors. If you have recently taken antibiotics – which tend to kill a large part of the friendly bacteria you have your gut – or suffer from a chronic digestive problem, you may benefit more from taking the Advanced Strength formula.

If you’re looking for a probiotic to a child, it’ll be best to use the Pro-Kids formula, which is recommended for children who are at least four years old. The Pro-Moms formula is designed specifically for women who are either nursing or pregnant, and contains 8 strains of targeted CFUs which reduce risk of UTIs – urinary tract infections -, inflammation, gestational diabetes as well as mastitis.

Women who are not pregnant or nursing may benefit more from the Pro-Women formula, which is an excellent way to help treat and prevent yeast infections, UTIs and candida. Along with 6 different bacteria strains and 5 billion units, it contains D-mannose and cranberry extract.

Designed specifically to help your immune system, the Hyperbiotics Probiotics Immune is designed individuals which have a compromised immune system. Those who get sick over twice a year, travel often or tend to experience high stress levels.

Lastly, there is another Hyperbiotic Probiotic which is designed specifically to help with your oral colonies. Oral probiotics are those found in saliva. They help breaking down food before it reaches your stomach – it’s your body’s first defense that helps you digest effectively. The Pro-Dental is designed for people who deal with cavities, plaque, bad breath, tongue-coating, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, allergies, tonsil stones or frequent infections in your nose, ear, throat or sinus.

Once again, the Pro-15 is a standard probiotic supplement. It is a good choice in most cases, but if you happen to fit one of the categories or have one of the problems mentioned above, you might want to look into a more specific sort of supplement.

The Different Hyperbiotics Pro 15 Strains

Usually, Hyperbiotic supplements contain from 3 to 15 strains – this depends on the product you buy. The Pro-15 does contain 15 different ones, which is a noticeable advantage over most others. Examples of Hyperbiotics Strains that are include in Hyperbiotics Products are L. casei, B. lactis, L. fermentum, B. longum, L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus and Lactobacillus.


Each of these probiotics helps with a large range of different conditions. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is effective at helping those who suffer from a wide variety of stomach ailments, including gas, bloating, stomach pain and constipation. It also helps dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, weakened immune systems and even some food allergies.

This strain of probiotics is also useful for ailments such as lactose intolerance, and even more chronic conditions such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, helping with the uncomfortable symptoms these ailments cause.

Bifidobacterium lactis is another very useful probiotic, which helps lower cholesterol, help weak immune systems and improve digestion in general. They help figthing respiratory infections, alleviate acute diarrhea, normalize your bowel movements and even absorbing vitamins and minerals.

Other Valuation

With 5 billion colony forming units, this probiotic has to be taken only once per day on most cases, and each of the pearls feature a set of naturally derived prebiotics – fibers which increase the growth of good bacteria in your colon.

It is a standard probiotic which can be used for specific ailments as well as general daily use, and is recommended for virtually anyone – although Hyperbiotics has other options which are best suited for those with specific needs.

It features a wide array of exclusive, patented formulas that provide a noticeable advantage over most other hyperbiotics in the market – even though it has considerably less units than them – and offers 15 different probiotic strains – more than the majority of its competitors. 

Final Verdict

Hyperbiotics Pro 15 is tecently the best probiotic suplement of best choice of many people. It's cause to its guaranteed and well results besides being relatively safe and effective. You may consider placing your order for a good health and general body system.

This Hyperbiotics Pro-15 review is the following: The Pro-15 is an excellent choice for those who need a nice boost for their microbiome. It is easy to swallow, has a shelf life of a year and a half, and requires no refrigeration. It is made in the United States, a hundred percent natural, and contains no additives.

Should you find that the Pro-15 wasn’t as effective as you had hoped, you can simply contact Hyperbiotics and get another product or a refund – so it’s basically a risk-free purchase.

Hyperbiotics Pro 15 is tecently the best probiotic suplement of best choice of many people. It's cause to its guaranteed and well results besides being relatively safe and effective. You may consider placing your order for a good health and general body system.

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