Wonder Core 2 Review [2020]

A lot of health experts’ raves about Wonder Core II as it claims to provide you with many next-generation workouts. This simple fitness equipment looks similar to a chair and gives you 12 different workout varieties. Is the 12-in-1 worthy? Or just another fitness craze that might dissolve with new launches in the future. We will reveal the same today and check if there is any “wonder” in the Wonder Core II, or you can give it a pass.

Setting up the Wonder Core II

The Wonder Core II comes pre-assembled and the instructions manual is also easy to follow. So, you can assemble it completely within 45 minutes. Your primary task is to connect the primary frame with its pulley system. It comes with a small screwdriver, which is a nice addition for users who don’t possess such tools.

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Build Quality

Wonder core II is a robust and well-designed fitness equipment. It can withstand a weight of up to 270 pounds without making any noises. All thanks to a steel frame, its quality built lasts for long and you can be assured that it will be at your home gym for long.

The tool has a comfortable leather seat that’s anti-slipping, supportive and 360-degree twisting. Ergonomically designed backrest of the Wonder Care II has 360-degree rollers for comfort and safety. Hence, there are no chances of potential injuries while you are exercising. Apart from that, the tool has a Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) certification for safety requirements.

Wonder Core II has a core spring design that makes it perfect for beginners as well as experts. This equipment extends up to 180 degrees to provide a full stretch so that you can train your core muscles.

What makes the Wonder Core II suitable for small flats and apartments is its foldable design. Within two steps, you can collapse it to take a maximum of 25x33cm floor space. No matter if you are running less on open space, this piece of fitness equipment can stand anywhere near your cupboards when you are not using it.

Wonder Core II Review and Features

Wonder Core II gives you a chance to level up your workout schedules. You can categorize it like a rowing machine, but there are multiple other exercise patterns that you can follow on this equipment. It all depends on you and how you want to optimize your options.

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If you are unable to understand its functions and versatility, even then you can follow the included instructions for proper usage. There are clear images that show how to do the exercises in different positions.

You will find a DVD with a runtime of 30 minutes. Watch it to make sure you are following the right steps to do the workouts. Apart from the DVD, it also includes a Nutrition plan comprising 7 days’ meal plan. Above all, the machine has a warranty of three years that gives you some extra peace of mind.

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This versatile piece of equipment works on your abs, but you can also use it to strengthen your upper body. All thanks to its plush hand grips and 8 pulley band system, you can use the tool to tone your shoulders, triceps, biceps, and arms.

Its inbuilt rowing cable has a resistance of 26 pounds. You can also purchase an upgrade kit that has 49 pounds of resistance. Its 360-degree rotation seat allows you to perform obliques and other exercises. You can also change the position of its backrest according to the workout styles.

Exercises You Can Do on Wonder Core 2

Will you pay for something that makes no impact on your health? Or something that doesn’t work at all? But, you would invest when you are getting a versatile item that can work in different ways to improve your fitness.

Before we discuss the various ways, you need to know that Wonder Core II is not here to make you look like hulk. It will not help you to get some bulging biceps and a huge chest. Using only the Wonder Core II will keep your body toned and fit.

It will only make a greater impact on your body if you mix the machine with other workouts. The tool provides a wide range of workout out for your abs and you can also choose the difficulty level according to your expertise.

  • Stretching
  • Workout for your arms or biceps
  • Rowing for backs
  • Basic and twist sit-ups
  • Downward ab press
  • Shoulder press
  • Leg curls
  • Pulley sit-ups

Work out results

Before we talk about our test results, we want to know about your work out frequency. Are you a regular gym goes or you are starting fresh? Because the results will vary accordingly. Talking about our tests, Wonder Core II started to show the results after a few weeks of regular exercise.

For the initial few days, it might feel unusual and you will feel some pain in your body. After a couple of weeks, the strain or pain will disappear and you will feel better. You will start seeing the definition in the abs, shoulders, and arms after 45 days. If you need any help, watch the DVD and follow the included guidelines for efficient results.

Work out regularly and keep a check on what you eat; it’s the best way to generate effective results from Wonder Core II.  It gives you a variety of positions to nourish your muscles, especially the cores. Use it with the rowing cable and you can also train your arms, shoulders, and even chest.

Who can purchase Wonder Core II?

Are you looking to lose some fat? Or you want some six-pack abs like our celebrities? In any of the situations, the Wonder Core II is useful because it can help you to get rid of unwanted fat. For those who are already-fit, the tool is helpful to keep their physique maintained.

Aside from those who want to target their abs or upper body, the fitness equipment is also suitable for senior citizens who want to maintain their fitness in the old ages. All thanks to its comfortable sitting position, an elderly can perform several exercises without creating much pressure on his or her body.

We recommend Wonder Core II to everyone who needs some strong abs and a toned upper body. Daily workout enhances your metabolism so that you can eat on time. It also has positive impacts on your decision making power, confidence and overall personality. So, anyone of us can try Wonder Core II to lead a fit and healthy life.

What will you get after investing in the Wonder core II?

  • A sturdy piece of fitness tool that will be on your sides when you are low on energy or confidence
  • A piece of equipment that gives you multiple ways to improve your personality
  • Simple to use tool that you can fold for an easy and secure storage


  • High quality built
  • Budget-friendly equipment
  • Provides a variety of workout positions to target different muscles of your body
  • Includes all the guidelines and instructional DVD
  • Twisting seat adds to the versatility
  • Comfortable support
  • The foldable and compact design makes it suitable for small living areas


  • Not suitable for users who are more than 6 feet of height
  • Will not suit individuals looking for whole body workout


After testing and comparing Wonder Care II with other similar options, we can clearly state that it’s a useful piece of fitness equipment, not some overrated workout machine. It can effectively work on your abs and tone your upper body. However, the exercise machine also has a disadvantage that it cannot provide a full-body workout, especially to the users who are taller than 6 feet. But, it’s affordable, environmentally friendly, compact and versatile nature leaves no reason to disapprove of the equipment.



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