Best Stamina Aero Pilates Reformer Reviews [Aero Pilates Rebounder]

There is more than one way to put yourself in shape, more than one way to lose weight, more than one way to stay healthy. They are differences between all of Aero Pilates Rebounder, and the time it works. So while running makes you lose 3 pounds loss a month (for instance), you could do so I a week if you maybe use the climber or any other machine.

The point is, with the Advent of new workout machines, old and conventional methods workout have been forgotten.

One of the latest workout machines is the Pilate reformer and amongst its lists the Stamina Aero pilates 700 premieres; one of the most comprehensive workout machine around for a complete workout regimen.

It is durable and stable, able to carry a ton of weight while retaining its comfort.

Some of its main features will be listed below

Aero Pilates Rebounder List

Rank Model Editor Choice Price
1 AeroPilates Reformer 9.6
2 Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 9.3
3 AeroPilates by Stamina Reformer Plus 9.2
4 Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 8.9


Main Features

When you want to talk about a machine that provides a comprehensive workout option, then consider the Stamina Aero pilates 700 premier reformer. It has lots of useful features which include;

AeroPilates Reformer

Wide Padded platform

With an extensive and padded platform, you enjoy maximum comfort and ventilation, as the pads give room for air to go through, to provide air flow to the machine. It maximizes its comfort feature.

Adjustable Resistance – 4 bungee cords


This resistance helps the user to control the level of pullback force he or she will be working with, to ensure that you don’t get injured while working out.

AeroPilates by Stamina Reformer Plus

Tall Cardio Re-bounder

The tall cardio rebounder works on your chest, which works on and affects the heart.

Risers for 4 position strap height adjustments

You wouldn’t have to worry about the height of the riser when you have an adjuster to help you regulate the riser’s straps on all 4 positions.

Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP

Padded Hand and Foot straps – adjustable

Not only is the hand and foot strap padded for comfort, but you can also adjust it to suit your height, so you don’t overstretch your limits.

Padded Headrest & high-density shoulder pads

With a padded headrest, you would not only be comfortable, but your chances of a head injury will also be minimal. As for the high-density shoulder pads, the idea is that the machine should be able to take the pressure you may mount on it.

300-pound user weight capacity

With this range of weight capacity, almost anyone can get it, without being scared if it will hold their weight.

10-inch Elevated stand and Head and neck support pillow

With the level of elevation, you can have a good cardio workout at all times. Also, the pillow enhances comfort and boosts spinal alignment.

Heavy-duty steel construction

It is a sturdy machine that can withstand any form of a struggle during a workout, thanks to the heavy duty steel. It also features a wide foot bar. You can control your leg with a foot bar as full as the one on this machine. The wheels and folding frames help to facilitate smooth movement and convenient storage.

Comes with several workout DVDs

Why not enjoy some cool workout tracks while you do your workouts! It even boosts your zeal to exercise more.

Dimensions & Weight

This machine is quite heavy and large, so bear in mind that it is not a lightweight machine.

So if you want something that you can easily transport, then this is not what you need, but if you’re going to maximize a comprehensive workout routine, then you have to get this machine.

Its length is about 83 inches and 23 inches in width.

For height, its average is about 27 inches.

It weighs about 105 pounds. A bit on the high side, but also useful.

Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 1


The assembly of the Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer is quite easy. It would take about an hour to assemble. All the tools you’ll need for assembling, you’ll find in the packaging. The Instructions are also easy to follow, but if you feel you can’t handle that, then you could meet an expert, to assemble the machine for you for an extra cost.

Since the assembly process is long, it would be nice to visit a site where you can get the assembling instructions. You can even go on YouTube to find some instructional videos.



  • It is durable
  • Up to 300-pound weight limit
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Wide padded platform for space during a workout
  • The entire body is elevated
  • Can do a variety of pilates exercises
  • Comprehensive workout routine
  • Works well on the muscles
  • You can adjust almost every part of the machine.
  • It has a folding frame and wheels
  • Easy to store due to folding


  • The back recline is defective
  • Heavy equipment (105 pounds)
  • It marks and dents the floors

AeroPilates by Stamina Reformer Plus

There is no greater feeling than being in shape, and what’s even more significant is the fact that, a single machine can give you so much workout routines at great comfort.

Not minding the fact that this machine is on the high side, it is very also important that you know that the success rate of the device is 100% when it comes to putting you in shape.


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