Sole SB900 vs Keiser m3 Spin Bike

Being a low impact sport on the body when contrasted with other exercises, cycling can be a demanding workout. Since it is somehow hazardous to cycle outdoors, you cannot neglect the need to have an indoor bike.

In today’s hi-tech world, you don’t need to break the bank before getting an indoor bike that will aid your fitness program. This piece aims at comparing two top brands that are very popular in the market right now – Sole SB900 vs Keiser M3.

We know that it can be a difficult task choosing the right product because there are lots of brands and models around. We are very sure that you will get the right guide after reading this piece, and this will probably lead to making the right choice.

Sole SB900 vs Keiser m3 Spin Bike Reviews

1. Sole SB900 Exercise Bike

sole sb900


The Sole Fitness SB900 exercise bike comes with a 3” x 4” LCD, which helps you to monitor your progress. You can view vital workout statistics such as distance covered, time spent, calories burned, RPM and speed covered.

You will like its comfortable seat, making it easier for you to achieve the best result. It is possible for you to swap the seat with any standard seat, and you can use a gel cover so as to enhance your comfort level.

Besides, the Sole SB900 spin bike has a magnetic resistance as well as a red knob frame, which is used to increase or decrease the resistance in accordance with your requirements. There is a felt wood pad that helps in stopping the flywheel when it is urgent to do so. You will like its dual pedals with plastic toe cups on one side while you will find an adjustable strap on the other side for easy sliding in your shoes.

What’s more, Sole spin bike comes with a water bottle holder, situated on the console, so that you can be properly hydrated during workouts. There are adjustable handlebars with a rubber cover so that you can achieve a perfect grip at all times.

With two wheels mounted at the front, your movement becomes easy and convenient for the most satisfactory results. It does not have a power cord that will shore up your electricity bill, and that is why it is perfect for you if you care about reduced operating costs.


This Sole SB900 review is not complete if its lightweight design is not mentioned, which guarantees easy maneuver. You will like its strong structure, which is made possible by the heavy steel-tubing frame used in its design. With a 48-pound flywheel, you can rely on the durability of this machine.

Its components guarantee a stable and smooth ride so that you will succeed with your fitness program. It makes use of the eddy current magnetic resistance so that there will be a flawless transition between various workout intensities. It has a footprint of 40″ x 21″ and a user weight capacity of 300 pounds.


The Sole SB900 is produced with steel with aluminum cover. The blend of aluminum and steel contributes to its strong disposition as well as durability. These materials are of high quality, and that is why this bike is very popular among shoppers.


  • Strong and designed out of steel and aluminum.
  • Powerful resistance due to the flywheel.
  • Dual-sided pedals for optimum performance.
  • User weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.
  • It requires no external source of power.


  • No preset workout programs.
  • You have to track numbers manually.


2. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle- with Media Tray, Stretch Pads, Floor Mat

keiser m3


The Keiser m3 spin bike comes with great features that will enhance your fitness program. You will like its redesigned pedal as well as Bluetooth wireless signal, which makes it perform better with smartphones and tablets. Its single belt does not require much maintenance, and that is why its operation is as quiet as you will love it.

With its magnetic resistance technology, you can be sure of taking your fitness program to the next level. It comes in black and red so as to boost the look of your room or gym. There is an 8-lb steel flywheel, which guarantees optimum performance at all times.

This machine gives you a 360-degree pedal stroke so that you can experience more fluid motion. Its digital display helps you to monitor your progress. There is a light sensor at the top of the console, which switches on the backlit when darkness envelopes the room. This is an amazing feature that helps to boost the battery life of this indoor bike.


 The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle is specifically designed for a rigorous workout and gives you the feeling of being on the road. It features the engineering designs of high quality so that you can get the most satisfactory result. Keiser engineers left no stone unturned in adding features that were not present in previous versions.

Its V-shape frame ensures absolute accommodation of all sizes of riders, as well as convenient mounting and dismounting.  You will like its unique drive system, which makes your work smoother than you can expect. The drive system does not break easily, just like a chain drive, and does not require lubrication as well as adjustment.


 Keiser M3i indoor cycling bike is produced from materials of high quality, and that is why no one can dispute its protection from sweat and corrosion. This Keiser m3 review is not complete if we don’t mention its sturdy stainless steel frame as well as heavy-duty aluminum parts, which contribute to the durability of this product. That is why it comes with a three-year warranty for parts as well as a 10-year warranty for the frame.


  • Compactly designed for easy maneuver and storage.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Built to accommodate different heights of the users.
  • Durable, especially if taken care of properly.
  • Quiet operations for noise-free surroundings.
  • 24 levels of resistance for the most satisfactory result.


  • Assembly can be tricky


Which is The Best?

The expectations of your workout program and the size of your pocket will determine the best spin bike for you. With careful analysis of the features of the two products and a perfect comparison of their prices, choosing the right one will not be a problem for you.

Final Verdict

Your fitness program requires the right device to succeed. An indoor bike will certainly reduce your exposure to outdoor cycling dangers, and help you to get the best result. We believe that our comparison of Sole SB900 vs Keiser M3 will assist you in choosing a product that will meet your expectations, and give you good value for your money. The success of your workouts is very vital to your overall health, and you should not hesitate to carry out all the necessary actions that will guarantee a favorable outcome.

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